ECOWOOL Sectional Pipe Insulation (SPI) offers a range of sectional pipe insulation suitable for the external insulation of pipework.Manufactured from rigid glass mineral wool pre-moulded into one-piece cylindrical sections. It provides excellent thermal insulation up to a working temperature of 350oC as well as personnel protection and energy saving benefits.

ECOWOOL range of sectional pipe is available either in plain or faced with Foil-Scrim-Kraft (FSK), foil reinforced kraft paper, Sisalation foil or kraftless foil. ECOWOOL SPI is available in 1 metre lengths, faced or unfaced, and with a variety of wall thicknesses to suit standard steel pipes and copper tube from 12.7mm to 610mm O.D.

    Suitable for heating applications up to 454°C. It is designed to be used on commercial, power or process lines where fire safety and a pleasing appearance are desired. The pipe insulation can be used on cold and chilled water lines, brine, refrigerant and special process lines when the joints are sealed to prevent moisture migration. The glass mineral wool insulation has a operating temperature limits between -18°C to 454°C
    • High insulating efficiency
    • Optimal fibre diameter
    • Better fibre network
    • Low ‘K’ factor
    • Less dusty and less itchy
    • Economical to apply
    • Time and cost reduction
    • Spring hinge
    • Precise and quick fabrication
    • Lightweight
    • Durable
    Manufactured in 1.0m length and in a range of thicknesses to enable compliance with BS5422 and beyond. The pre-formed pipe sections are produced to fit all British Standard steel and copper pipe sizes. Various sizes of ECOWOOL SPI Pipe Insulation available to allow accurate specifying of protective encasements
    • FSK – Foil Scrim Kraft
    • FRK - Foil Reinforced Kraft paper
    • Sisalation Foil
    • Kraftless Foil