Formaldehyde Free Glass Mineral Wool

PGF Insulation is committed to creating a comfortable, healthier and energy efficient indoor environments. We continue to work on our commitment by introducing new formaldehyde free fiber glass insulation that utilizes an innovative bio-based binder, that offers excellent fire safety, thermal and acoustical performance as well as improved handling, easier cutting and less dust than the conventional glass mineral wool insulation.

ECOWOOL BROWNIE, the formaldehyde free range ECOWOOL of glass mineral wool insulation manufactured by PGF Insulation employs formaldehyde free binder that is free of formaldehyde, phenol or any other artificial chemicals. It is naturally brown and helps you improve indoor air quality and achieve a healthier and safer home by reducing your overall formaldehyde exposure.

Whether you want to lower your energy bills, redesign your current home or build a new custom home, PGF Insulation helps you to create a comfortable, healthy and energy efficient indoor environment.

A healthier and safer indoor environment with BROWNIE, Formaldehyde Free Glass Mineral Wool Insulation.

Formaldehyde Free Glass Mineral Wool Insulation

Ecowool Brownie is manufactured with the following unique product properties
  • Improves Indoor Air Quality
  • Sustainable Product
  • Optimal fibre diameter
  • Better fibre network
  • Less dusty and less itchy
  • Absorbs Disturbing Sound
  • Corrosiveness
  • Mould Growth
  • Water Vapor Absorption
  • Odor Emission
  • Alkalinity
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