Vacuum Insulated Panel

The vacuum insulated panel (VIP) is an advanced product which combines high R-value in a relatively thin panel. The vacuum insulated panel consists of a ECOWOOL™ glass mineral wool as the core panel enclosed in an air-tight envelope, to which a vacuum is applied. ECOWOOL VIP provides an insulation value of 5-8 times that of equivalent thickness of other insulation materials. This makes the thin-profile insulation panel technology ideal for a wide range of applications, and it is already proven in appliances and transport containers.

The core is wrapped in a aluminium foil and the vacuum applied. The aluminium foil is sealed to maintain the vacuum for a long period of time.


ECOWOOL VIP is a high performance vacuum insulation panel (VIP) with very low thermal conductivity that performs about better than standard insulation material. The core structure, made using a molding technology, is wrapped in laminate film to create a low vacuum inside and control thermal conduction. ECOWOOL VIP’s improved performance saves space while increasing the energy efficiency of high energy efficiency devices that require low energy loss from heat transfer.