Better Fire Protection
Superior in Both Reaction and Resistance to Fire

Often after fire incident, heated discussions are often ignited about responsibility and protection against fires. The question of insulation materials also often plays a central role.

PGF Insulation glass mineral wool products is non combustible and has excellent resistance to fire. The glass mineral wool insulation by PGF Insulation as classified Class '0' by BOMBA can be used in a wide range of partitions, walls, ceilings and other building structures. It also has excellent resistance to the surface spread of flame and fire propagation complying to BS 476. Many of our products are classified Class '0' to the Building Regulations.

Reaction to fire tests are used to evaluate the contribution of a material to fire growth. Tests are carried out according to BS 476. On the other hand, building structures have to provide a certain amount of fire resistance. In the event of fire, the structural strength will be compromised. Therefore, PGF Insulation will be the alternative material to be paired with the building structures in order to retain the structural strength. The level of fire resistance provided is dependent on the complete system being installed in accordance with our instructions.

PGF Insulation can contribute conclusively to fire protection. PGF glass mineral wool insulation is not only absolutely non-combustible, but also develops no black smoke or toxic gases.