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1st October 2011
FIBERIFFIC - Blow apply insulation to surface without the mess of overspray of conventional systems

Fiberiffic is an innovative new system is used for applying insulation to various surfaces for thermal and acoustic benefits.

The patented technology by Ark Seal International internally combines a non-toxic foaming adhesive with ordinary insulation fibres, creating an insulation with the same consistency as shaving cream foam. You get a clean, easy job with virtually no loose airbone fibres, over-spray or clean-up.

Using ordinary insulation fibres, the patented mixing mechanism mixes them with compressed air and environmentally-friendly binder creating a foaming effect. Acting as a carrier, the bubbles burst, encapsulating each individual fibre. This process virtually eliminates loose airborne fibres during installation. When dried, the fibres adhere to themselves and their surroundings, leaving a custom-fit insulated surface.

Advantages of FIBERIFFIC:
    New and retro-fit applications with less masking and clean-up work. Unlike conventional, messy spray-on systems, installers can wok on a Fiberiffic jobsite while it is being insulated
    The quick, clean installation does not waste time or money. Times consuming cutting and stapling, gluing or fastening are eliminated. Requiring only two workers to install, Fiberiffic also creates tremendous savings on labour
    Excellent acoustical properties and flame resistance. Unlike petrochemical-based insulation, Fiberiffic is installer and environmentally friendly, more affordable and easier to install
    It is available to contractors as a self contained machine or can be added ot most insulation blowing machines as a licensed accessory
    By creating a custom fit insulation, Fiberiffic enhances thermal properties by preventing warm or cold air from seeping out through any voids. In addition, it improves acoustical properties because the entire building space is completely custom fit with insulation
    In addition to standard applications, Fiberiffic fills odd-shaped spaces that cannot be insulated using batts. Because of its foam-like consistency, Fiberiffic can flow around pipes and electrical wires in wall cavities providing substantial improvements to heating, ventilation, and plumbing systems
    Because it is applied after the building’s skin is in place, concerns about weather-related damage are eliminated by using Fiberiffic

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