Benefits of Insulation
Protecting People, Building, and Environment

    ECOWOOL, new generation of glass mineral wool manufactured by PGF Insulation combines all the advantages of traditional glass mineral wool products used for fire, thermal and acoustic insulation, while at the same time allowing substantial weight savings. ECOWOOL insulation performance considerably increases energy efficiency while at the same time significantly lowering installation costs. Since ECOWOOL is light weight and supplied in compressed packaging, it requires much less transportation and storage capacity. This allows a more convenient, faster and thus cost-saving installation on site.

    ECOWOOL gives you the possibility to benefit from the weight savings up to 50% in comparison to traditional mineral insulation. Experience it for yourself!

    Take advantage of ECOWOOL´s innovative properties such as its unique lightness and high compressibility throughout your project. Benefit from revolutionary advantages in terms of construction already in the design phase. Count on ECOWOOL´s efficiency and ease of installation.

    Enjoy lower operating costs or higher speed without limiting your other needs.

      ECOWOOL offers you an ideal chance to massively cut down on energy consumption. Every extra kilogram means higher costs. Therefore, enormous building dead load savings realized with ECOWOOL significantly reduce construction cost. Achieve all this with identical levels of safety and comfort compared to traditional mineral insulation solutions.
      • Considerably reduced weight
      • Increase of installation speed
      • Substantial financial benefits
      Excellent insulation properties combined with unique lightness. ECOWOOL is not only an excellent insulation material, it also offers almost 50% weight reduction in comparison with traditional mineral wool solutions of the same thermal and acoustic performance.

      Thanks to its lightness, the handling of ECOWOOL is very efficient and user-friendly. The transportation of the material, especially to areas difficult to access, can be managed more easily. ECOWOOL can be easily lifted due to lightweight and handy packaging.