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BRAND VALUES Our pride, your glory

Brand Values

Our Pride, Your Glory


The preservation of our environment, the care for our planet and your wellbeing are demonstrated not just through our environmentally-friendly glass mineral wool, but also through our Ecowool brand values.


The Ecowool brand was established with sustainability as our core DNA. Being one of the industry leaders in glass mineral wool insulation, Ecowool offers solutions to energy efficiency and environmental protection. Ecowool owes its success to fundamental yet significant product features; superior fire safety, exceptional thermal protection and unique acoustic performance so that you can play, and live happily.


As we steer towards a green economy, we hold a strong belief in optimising the use of resources by transforming glass waste into the high-performing Ecowool. Today, Ecowool glass mineral wool insulation is widely recognised for enriching the life of the building occupants by offering you a safe and comfortable indoor living space.

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