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BUSINESS ETHICS Preservation of our nature, the care of our buildings and your wellbeing

“As populations continue to grow, the conservation of natural resources and long-term planning are necessary to fulfil the social, environmental and financial needs of our future generations.”


Ecological Insulation Through Sustainable Production

Ecowool’s respect for the environment, fair trade and sustainability practices is held with utmost regards. In line with the United Nation Sustainable Development Goals (“UN SDGs”) by 2030; Ecowool is committed to 6 SDGs that are incorporated into our Sustainability Framework.


The energy savings offered by Ecowool throughout it’s estimated product lifetime of 70 years is so significant that they easily outweigh the energy needed for their production, transportation and installation.

Quality Assurance

Ecowool offers glass mineral wool insulation that scores excellent ratings in its overall performance assessment, accredited by green bodies and organizations around the world. The unique combination of our product benefits which includes safety, durability, sustainability and long term economic benefits, gives our glass mineral wool the upper hand on being the preferred insulating material for the construction industry.

Recycled Contents

Recycled glasses are all that is required to produce Ecowool glass mineral wool insulation. Ecowool’s contents are made up of more than 80% of recycled glass, which otherwise will be sent to landfill as a replacement for silica sand. The glass cullet will then be melted at 1,450 °C to form a lava like molten glass. The molten glass produced is converted into fibres by rotary process that combines a centrifugal drawing of the glass through a rotating device drilled with thousands of tiny holes and attenuated by high temperature gas jet streams.

Energy Conservation

With energy efficiency as a vital part of the roadmap for a carbon neutral economy, our innovative insulation solutions are built to offer significant energy savings while attaining thermal and acoustic comfort at the same time. Our commitment in quality gives us the confidence to provide 70 years of product warranty on the glass mineral wool that we offer. The energy savings offered by Ecowool insulation products throughout its warranted 70 years performance is so significant, that they easily outweigh the energy needed for their production, transportation and installation.

Ecological Insulation

Sustaining Necessary Precondition
for the Well-being of Humans and Other Organisms

With an average lifespan of 70 years, glass mineral wool products are familiarly knows to be an ecological and safe-to-use insulation materials. They are one of the most documented and tested building materials in the world, which are proven to be very beneficial to the environment.

As we strive to continuously enhance our manufacturing efficiency to reduce energy consumption while minimizing our environmental impact, our plant recycles the resources used in the manufacturing process, including water. The raw materials used for manufacturing Ecowool Insulation products comes from recycled materials which could have ended up as a waste in a landfill. We want to ensure that our Ecowool products are recyclable and have a long lifespan, so that we can reduce the building material waste.

Our commitment to the no-usage of CFCs, HCFCs and any other materials ozone depleting product (ODP) in Ecowool’s manufacturing process also means that our product are considerable green and safe to our Earth.

Thanks to their resilient properties, glass mineral wool products can be compressed by a factor of up to ten at the time of packaging and palletizing. This means that more insulation can be shipped in each truck, reducing the energy required for storage and transportation. Over its installed average lifespan of 70 years, an Ecowool insulation product saves more than 100 times the energy consumed and the CO² emitted in its manufacturing, transporting and disposal process.



We are strongest when we work together as a team.



We pay attention to every detail; we strive to do the right thing right, the first and every time.



We are trustworthy and act in good faith.

Our Values



We take ownership of our work, do what we say and take full responsibilities for our action.



We pursue the highest standard and challenge the status quo with open minds in all that we do; We continually learn and innovate for better outcomes.



We adapt to ever changing environment with focus and speed.

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