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APPLICATIONS Acoustic Ceiling Panel

Acoustic Ceiling Panel

Ecowool acoustic ceiling panel range comes in three different unique facings to create the acoustic environment that offers an aesthetically pleasing finish. Our acoustic ceiling panel acts as a decorative suspended ceiling system, specially designed for sound control, on top of having an excellent thermal resistance.


Ecowool acoustic ceiling panels serve many purposes in commercial and residential properties that require a conducive indoor space such as offices, schools, lecture halls, theater halls and hospitals.


Creating a positive work space can be achieved through the office ceiling system that comes with a good Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC). Acoustic performance is one of the few vital metrics that must meet building standards and rating systems to attain the desired office comfort.

Acoustic Ceiling Panel

Ecowool Classic Classictone
Ecowool Classic Polytone
Ecowool Classic Cineplextone

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