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Wall Insulation

Proper design and installation of wall insulation can enhance the building occupant’s experience when they are offered with a conducive indoor environment. The installation of wall insulation involves adding your preferred insulation slabs for its efficient thermal protection, fire resistance and sound absorbing properties.


Besides protecting your home from heat loss, wall insulation systems can often enhance acoustic performance by minimising the sound transfer between spaces or rooms within the commercial or residential building. Ecowool wall insulation particularly protects building occupants from the external noise pollutants outside of the building, on top of reducing domestic sound transfer from one space to another.


The glass mineral wool insulation by PGF Insulation as classified Class ‘0’ by BOMBA can be used in a wide range of partitions, walls and other building structures. It also has excellent resistance to the surface spread of flame and fire propagation complying to BS 476.

Wall Products

Ecowool Classic Board
Ecowool Brownie V2 RigiSlab

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